Music Service Provider Grooveshark Battles Copyright Claims

null Universal Music Group is moving for summary judgment on its claims in a four-year-old case that raises questions about the reach of a federal statute, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, to songs recorded prior to Feb. 15, 1972, in the context of cases brought under New York common law.


How Litigants Should Approach Categorical Privilege Logs

null Jennifer Rearden and Seema Gupta of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher write: Although a new Commercial Division rule expresses a preference for categorical privilege logs, it provides little insight into the form those logs should take. This issue likely will be addressed by courts in the coming months and years.

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Presented by Big Voodoo
  • Saco I Trust 2006-5 v. EMC Mortgage – Bransten denies EMC Mortgage's motion for leave to reargue for dismissal of RMBS put-back action on timeliness grounds based on court's alleged misapprehension of own decision in separate case (Justice Eileen Bransten)
    September 29, 04:07 PM EDT
  • Oorah v. Covista Communications – Bransten dismisses breach claims against co-defendant involving agreement for payment of commissions, holding that plaintiff failed to show firm assumed defendant's liabilities under parties' sales agreement (Justice Eileen Bransten)
    September 29, 04:03 PM EDT
  • CF HY v. Hudson Yards – Kornreich grants attorney fees to the extent of fixing fees for the plaintiff's firm based on the length and complexity of litigation in $25M mortgage foreclosure case (Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich)
    September 29, 04:00 PM EDT
  • American Media v. Bainbridge & Knight – Bransten dismisses amended complaint against owners of health and fitness manufacturer based on plaintif's failure to plead sufficient facts to pierce the corporate veil (Justice Eileen Bransten)
    September 29, 03:56 PM EDT
Case Motions
  • Callsome Solutions v. Google – Google moves to dismiss tortious interference action by app developer, arguing forum selection clause requires adjudication in California, in $70M action over advertising revenue (Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan) (Justice Jeffrey K. Oing)
    September 29, 04:22 PM EDT
  • Thracia v. Sea Port Group Securities – Certain defendants move to dismiss breach of contract and breach of good faith claims, asserting no binding contract exists in action involving trade of unsecured units of bankruptcy claim (Richards, Kibbe & Orbe) (Justice Jeffrey K. Oing)
    September 29, 04:20 PM EDT
  • Philip Notaro, Jr. v. PNC Bank – PNC Bank moves to dismiss with prejudice amended verified complaint, asserting NY is improper forum in $10M action alleging improper removal from logistics coordinator's bank account (McGuireWoods) (Justice Eileen Bransten)
    September 29, 04:18 PM EDT
  • Andrew Stevenson v. AMP Solar Group – Defendants, controlling principals of investment manager, move to dismiss, claiming individual defendants have not conducted business in New York and thus, court lacks personal jurisdiction (Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti) (Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich)
    September 29, 04:15 PM EDT