Court Rejects Sports Agent's Poaching Suit

NBA player Larry Sanders is known for his shot blocking skills, but now it's his former agent getting blocked, as Justice Eileen Bransten dismissed tort and unjust enrichment claims he brought against Sanders' new agent.


General Jurisdiction in New York After 'Daimler'

George Bundy Smith and Thomas Hall write: Recent Commercial Division decisions make clear that the new standard set forth under Daimler v. Bauman has reduced the reach of New York courts' general jurisdiction over non-domiciliary corporations by providing only a 'limited set of affiliations' that can now confer general jurisdiction.

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Presented by Big Voodoo
  • Forty Central Park South v. Joseph Anza – Scarpulla grants quash of subpoenas against individual non-parties and directs plaintiff to serve the corporation; further Scarpulla grants plaintiff's request to amend the complaint holding no prejudice to said amendment exists (Justice Saliann Scarpulla)
    October 21, 12:50 PM EDT
  • Horizon Asset Management v. Raymond A. Duffy – Friedman denies plaintiff's motion to renew a dismissed summary judgment motion involving a former employee's alleged dissemination of false information. The court found plaintiff failed to show new evidence was unavailable at time of dismissal. (Justice Marcy S. Friedman)
    October 21, 12:46 PM EDT
  • Andy Miller v. Happy Walters – Bransten grants dismissal of action involving basketball player Larry Sanders' hiring of new agent, holding that defendant did not interfere or unfairly compete in its acquisition of Sanders' contract. (Justice Eileen Bransten)
    October 21, 12:43 PM EDT
  • Keyspan Gas East v. Munich Reinsurance America – Scarpulla denies defendant Century Indemnity's motion for partial summary judgment in action for coverage for remediation of environmental contamination at manufactured gas plants (Justice Saliann Scarpulla)
    October 20, 02:16 PM EDT
Case Motions
  • New York State Urban Development Corporation v. American Stevedoring – In a $1 million suit for repayment of loan, plaintiffs move for default judgment based on attorney's failure to comply with order to appear within 30 days from the date the notice to retain new counsel was mailed. (Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan) (Justice O. Peter Sherwood)
    October 22, 02:31 PM EDT
  • Nancy Ullmann-Schneider v. Lacher & Lovell-Taylor – Defendants law firm and partner move to dismiss malpractice claim for failure to plead that "but for" defendants' negligence, the result would have been more favorable in underlying estate litigation (Eaton & Van Winkle) (Justice Lawrence K. Marks)
    October 22, 02:27 PM EDT
  • Thomas C. Wyckoff v. Searle Holdings – Defendants move to quash subpoenas and enter protective order, asserting documents requested are irrelevant to remaining breach claim in action alleging non-payment pursuant to schedule set in settlement agreement (Dorsey & Whitney) (Justice Melvin L. Schweitzer)
    October 22, 02:24 PM EDT
  • Larry P. Markel v. Kenneth M. Markel – Co-owner petitioner moves for TRO and preliminary injunction without which, pending arbitration may be rendered ineffectual, in derivative action between brother partners in dental practice (Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy) (Justice Eileen Bransten)
    October 22, 02:20 PM EDT