Court Rejects Sports Agent's Poaching Suit

NBA player Larry Sanders is known for his shot blocking skills, but now it's his former agent getting blocked, as Justice Eileen Bransten dismissed tort and unjust enrichment claims he brought against Sanders' new agent.


General Jurisdiction in New York After 'Daimler'

George Bundy Smith and Thomas Hall write: Recent Commercial Division decisions make clear that the new standard set forth under Daimler v. Bauman has reduced the reach of New York courts' general jurisdiction over non-domiciliary corporations by providing only a 'limited set of affiliations' that can now confer general jurisdiction.

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  • Sven K. Grasshoff v. Aaron Etra – Bransten grants plaintiff's motion for summary judgment for $150K for conversion, holding it is undisputed that defendant forwarded plaintiff's funds to a separate account in this breach of contract action. (Justice Eileen Bransten)
    October 23, 01:48 PM EDT
  • Glory Chen International v. Soho Properties – Oing denies dismissal in part as the parties' amended lease agreement included triable issues of fact as to whether tenant waived its return of the security deposit, but grants dismissal of co-mingling of funds pursuant to documentary evidence. (Justice Jeffrey K. Oing)
    October 23, 01:45 PM EDT
  • Clifford T. Rotz, Jr. v. Van Kampen Asset Management – Friedman grants dismissal of complaint in shareholder derivative action finding the board undertook a disinterested inquiry which was protected by the business judgment rule (Justice Marcy S. Friedman)
    October 23, 01:42 PM EDT
  • Home Equity Mortgage Trust Series 2006-1 v. DLJ Mortgage Capital – Schweitzer modifies prior order to compel to allow DLJ to withhold privileged documents in RMBS put-back action (Justice Melvin L. Schweitzer)
    October 23, 01:05 PM EDT
Case Motions
  • Jeffrey Pikus v. Stuart Goldstein – Member of LLC which owns rental apartment 10 Sheridan Square moves for dissolution of company and appointment of receiver asserting co-owner's self-dealing contravenes company's purpose (Meister Seelig & Fein) (Justice Charles E. Ramos)
    October 23, 02:04 PM EDT
  • Shona Investments v. Callisto Pharmaceuticals – Class plaintiffs move for preliminary approval of settlement consisting of $2.5M payment to shareholders and 5.5% increase in purchase price, in shareholder class action involving merger of biopharmaceutical (Brower Piven) (Justice Lawrence K. Marks)
    October 23, 02:01 PM EDT
  • Caesars Entertainment Operating Company v. Appaloosa Investment Limited Partnership – In action alleging Caesars lienholders harmed plaintiffs by making false defamatory statements, certain defendant moves to dismiss for failure to state claim (Kleinberg Kaplan Wolff & Cohen) (Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich)
    October 23, 01:58 PM EDT
  • Acadia Realty Limited Partnership v. Tibor Klein – In action to collect on $11M awarded judgment, debtors move to reargue and quash subpoena, asserting court misapprehended law by requiring debtor to demonstrate sufficient basis warranting protective order (Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman) (Justice Jeffrey K. Oing)
    October 23, 01:56 PM EDT