Panel Affirms Dismissal of Suit Over Kenneth Cole Deal

The Appellate Division, First Department, unanimously affirmed the dismissal of a minority shareholder challenge to a going-private deal by Kenneth Cole Production's majority shareholder, Kenneth Cole.


Analysis of Case Disqualifying Plaintiffs' Counsel

On October 20, 2014, Justice Eileen Bransten of the New York County Commercial Division issued a decision in Anderson & Anderson LLP-Guangzhou v. North American Foreign Trading Corp., 2014 NY Slip Op. 51530(U), disqualifying plaintiffs' counsel under the attorney-witness rule and his firm under the former-client rule.

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Case Motions
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    November 26, 04:23 PM EST
  • MyPod Studios v. AdOn Network – In $1.5 million action alleging misrepresentation of online traffic, certain defendants move to dismiss because for failure to state a claim and because plaintiff executed a release against individual defendant (Justice Saliann Scarpulla)
    November 26, 03:16 PM EST
  • Financial Guaranty Insurance v. Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I – In RMBS-related insurance action, Morgan Stanley defendants move to dismiss, arguing plaintiff may not seek recovery of potential future damages for payments not yet made (Justice Marcy S. Friedman)
    November 26, 03:13 PM EST
  • Stormharbour Securities v. IIG Trade Opportunities Fund – In $3.4 million action over investment banking fee, plaintiff placement agent moves for summary judgment, asserting terms of engagement letter states plaintiff is entitled to fee (Justice Eileen Bransten)
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