Court Rejects Sports Agent's Poaching Suit

NBA player Larry Sanders is known for his shot blocking skills, but now it's his former agent getting blocked, as Justice Eileen Bransten dismissed tort and unjust enrichment claims he brought against Sanders' new agent.


General Jurisdiction in New York After 'Daimler'

George Bundy Smith and Thomas Hall write: Recent Commercial Division decisions make clear that the new standard set forth under Daimler v. Bauman has reduced the reach of New York courts' general jurisdiction over non-domiciliary corporations by providing only a 'limited set of affiliations' that can now confer general jurisdiction.

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Case Motions
  • Benchmark Entertainment v. Bobby Brown – Defendants, other than Bobby Brown, move for dismissal asserting New York has no personal jurisdiction in $500K action by talent agency for payment for management services (Lisa Borodkin) (Justice Saliann Scarpulla)
    October 24, 03:25 PM EDT
  • Basis Pac-Rim Opportunity Fund v. TCW Asset Management – Plaintiff, Cayman Island investment fund, moves to file second amended complaint to add claim for negligent misrepresentation in action involving collateralized debt obligations composed of RMBS (Lewis Baach) (Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich)
    October 24, 03:23 PM EDT
  • Avi Dorfman v. Robert Reffkin – In action seeking compensation for contribution, and work performed, for real estate startup Urban Compass, defendants move to dismiss asserting non-disclosure agreement bars claims (Kirkland & Ellis) (Justice Jeffrey K. Oing)
    October 24, 03:22 PM EDT
  • Keith Stock v. Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis – Plaintiffs move to amend complaint asserting they having recently learned of defendants' egregious conduct, in malpractice action in connection with defendant's representation of plaintiff in employment matter (The Roth Law Firm) (Justice Melvin L. Schweitzer)
    October 24, 03:19 PM EDT