In Family Business Fray, a Key Appraisal Ruling

null A Manhattan Commercial Division judge has awarded damages and attorney fees—plus a 25 percent share of a company valued at nearly $9 million—to a minority shareholder who was squeezed out of a family-run textile business.


General Jurisdiction in New York After 'Daimler'

George Bundy Smith and Thomas Hall write: Recent Commercial Division decisions make clear that the new standard set forth under Daimler v. Bauman has reduced the reach of New York courts' general jurisdiction over non-domiciliary corporations by providing only a 'limited set of affiliations' that can now confer general jurisdiction.

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Presented by Big Voodoo
  • Taberna Preferred Funding II v. Advance Realty Group – In preferred securities holder's action against LLC seeking $35M judgment for alleged interest payment default, Kornreich grants and denies in part motion to dismiss (Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich)
    October 15, 03:34 PM EDT
  • Glen K. Lau v. Terry Lazar – Kornreich dismisses veil-piercing claim but preserves breach of contract claims in third amended complaint alleging misconduct by accountant in partnership at surgery center (Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich)
    October 15, 03:30 PM EDT
  • Embroidery Industries v. RVC Enterprises – Sherwood denies plaintiff's motion for entry of $942K default judgment, finding plaintiff has failed to establish prima facie case as required, such as evidence of a contract for goods sold and delivered (Justice O. Peter Sherwood)
    October 15, 03:27 PM EDT
  • Saul Tawil v. Eliot Spitzer – Oing denies investor plaintiffs' motion for summary judgment seeking declaratory judgment concerning membership interests in dispute over loan transaction, finding triable issues of fact exist (Justice Jeffrey K. Oing)
    October 15, 03:09 PM EDT
Case Motions
  • Elizabeth Elting v. Philip Shawe – In corporate dissolution action, director/officer of translation services company moves for costs, fees and sanctions, arguing plaintiff made false allegations regarding her share of ownership (Sullivan & Cromwell; Kaplan Rice) (Justice Melvin L. Schweitzer)
    October 17, 03:49 PM EDT
  • Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith v. Montague Henry – Merrill Lynch moves for order and judgment to confirm $42K FINRA arbitration award against financial advisor for failure to repay promissory note (Forchelli, Curto, Deegan, Schwartz, Mineo & Terrana; Rubin, Fortunato & Harbison) (Justice Eileen Bransten)
    October 17, 02:46 PM EDT
  • Skyline Group NYC v. Jennifer Blumin – CEO of company moves to dismiss CPA's claims asserting ownership in Skylight and for books and records, arguing claims should be made against company, not individual (Lauren S. Albert) (Justice Eileen Bransten)
    October 17, 02:43 PM EDT
  • China Nanyang Import and Export v. Totten Bay Fashion – Plaintiff moves to strike reply in support of motion to vacate judgment, arguing law prohibits defendant from presenting new arguments and facts on reply in action seeking payment for merchandise delivered (Greenberg Traurig) (Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich)
    October 17, 02:40 PM EDT