Novel Privilege Issue Raised in Suit Against Law Firm

A malpractice case against Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis in Manhattan's Commercial Division has raised a broader issue for large firms: whether communications between a firm's general counsel and its attorneys are privileged from clients.


Book Review--New York Contract Law: A Guide for Non-New York Attorneys

Out-of-state attorneys routinely steeped in contract negotiations, whose breaches or enforcement may ultimately bring them to either of the courthouses on Foley Square or to New York's International Arbitration Center, must attain an intimate knowledge of the fundamental and advanced principles of New York contract law. "New York Contract Law: A Guide for Non-New York Attorneys," by Glen Banks of Norton Rose Fulbright, addresses that need in exceptional fashion.

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Presented by Big Voodoo
  • Z. Justin Management v. Metro Outdoor – In this action involving an advertising sublease, Scarpulla permitted plaintiff to amended the amended complaint but then granted dismissal of the amended complaint as the lease terms failed to prohibit assignment (Justice Saliann Scarpulla)
    December 17, 02:30 PM EST
  • Spielman Koenigsberg & Parker v. Taxi Club Management – In this action over fees for accounting services, Bransten dismissed the complaint in its entirety, as well as the counterclaims, ruling the engagement letter did not obligate payments and both sides' allegations were insufficient (Justice Eileen Bransten)
    December 17, 02:08 PM EST
  • Ambac Assurance, Plaintiffs-Respondents v. Bank of America, Defendant-Appellant – In RMBS action, panel reverses Bransten's denial of Bank of America's motion to vacate decision of special referee holding documents related to pending merger between BAC and Countrywide were not protected from disclosure (Justice Tom, J.P., Moskowitz, DeGrasse, Richter, Kapnick, JJ.)
    December 16, 04:23 PM EST
  • Baby Phat Holding Company, Plaintiff-Respondent v. Kellwood Company, Defendant-Appellant – Panel unanimously modified Ramos' denial of defendant's motion to dismiss and compel arbitration in action involving alleged overstatement of future royalty payments, in dispute over $5.35 million purchase of Phat Fashions from defendant Kellwood (Justice Renwick, J.P., Richter, Manzanet-Daniels, Feinman, Gische, JJ.)
    December 16, 04:10 PM EST
Case Motions
  • Roy E. Hahn v. The Dewey & Leboeuf Liquidation Trust – In action involving tax advice implications of non-performing loan investments, defendant Sidley Austin moves to dismiss malpractice claim as "time barred" because claim is allegedly predicated on 13-year-old opinion letter (Justice Eileen Bransten)
    December 17, 02:28 PM EST
  • Reliable Abstract Co. v. 45 John Lofts – In action for loan repayment, plaintiff lender moves for TRO and preliminary injunction to restrain pending sale of commercial property, to appoint receiver and to attach proceeds; Marks has issued an order to show cause (Justice Lawrence K. Marks)
    December 17, 02:26 PM EST
  • Canine Consulting v. 563 East Tremont – In action involving landlord's failure to install elevator allegedly required in lease, plaintiff tenant moves via OSC to stay summary proceeding brought by landlord pending disposition of this action (Justice Eileen Bransten)
    December 17, 01:24 PM EST
  • Intellipayment v. Michael C. Trimarco – Plaintiff, provider of auto industry payment products, moves to hold defendant minority shareholder in contempt for violating TRO enjoining him from contacting competitors and interfering in company?s management (Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich)
    December 16, 04:01 PM EST